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Why Stretchable Khadi Chemical Ever Works

Stretchable Khadi is manufacture by us in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Stretchable Khadi is like an electric white ink that is use for printing on Polyester, Nylon, and other blended materials quickly and softly. Stretch Khadi has several advantages, which is why it is so popular in the market.


  • Soft khadi print with a quick turnaround.
  • Effects of the Resist and Discharge types.
  • Overprinting pigment, acid, and scatter of reactive dyes over khadi prints creates halftone effects.
  • For a given quality, simple curing, thermalization, or high-pressure steaming can be use.
  • There are none that compare in terms of dry and wet rubbing resistance.
  • Application is simple and free of choking hazards.
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Preparation of printing [khadi] paste for all types of fabrics.
  • Stretchable Khadi
  • 98 to 99 Kgs.
  • Melamine Formaldehyde –
  • 1 to 2 Kgs
  • Resin/Fixer
  • 100 Kgs.

How to use Steps by Steps:

  1. Filter after a thorough mix. 2 minutes at 120°C to dry cure the print.
  2. N.B.- [To avoid choking, use 1–2% urea or glycerine.]
  3. For screen printing, use a bolting cloth that is 100 mesh polyester or 120 mesh nylon.
  4. Every fresh quantity of cloth should be put through a modest trial run. Check for dry and moist rubbing fastness once it’s been thoroughly cured

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